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Dreamy Forest


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Hi all, I hope you had a great day because I know I did. I had a fun day just chilling with my grandma and mum. Aww, three generations haha. I made a cute top with my Gran (which I shall share with you tomorrow) and just got lots of inspiration for things.

I just wanted to take the time and explain to you why I am sharing a lot of Photoshop tutorials and art tutorials instead of fashion and to explain to you the new-ish direction of Street Meets Style.Being Inspired By Man Ray

For those who don’t know, I am now studying Art and Design at college. I say now because a year ago I was studying fashion design which I absolutely loved but left because of complications with the college. Now I am studying art which is something that I have always loved since primary school. I am enjoying myself and plan to specialise in fashion textiles and photography. This is why I am sharing so much Photoshop tutorials and craft tutorials because they tie in to what I am studying.

Don’t get me wrong, fashion is still my main passion and I am working on a few projects to share, but I also I have to share what inspires me with other creative outlets. This brings me on to the next thing I want to explain, Street Meets Style’s new direction.

At first, I made SMS because I was studying fashion and wanted to share everything with the world as my knowledge was growing within the business and when I had discovered fashion blogs. Now SMS is a place where I share every aspect of my life, not just fashion. The title was picked because I am showing the world my style instead of just showing my street style fashion. Get it? The street is meeting my style. That includes my personality because, ‘You are what you wear ladies and gents!’

I hope you understand this and continue to enjoy the SMS experience as the blog grows. :)

So, for the tutorial. I found a cool video on YouTube and decided that I would try it. The picture above is what I came up with and I thought I would share it with you so that you can try it as well. If you want.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

From Nadine