Song of The Day By Rivers & Robots

In The Family

Hey Everyone.

Todays song of the day comes from one of my favourite Christian bands, Rivers & Robots. (You can read my interview with lead singer, Jonathan Ogden here and other previous posts here, here and here).

In The Family is one of my many favourite songs from this band so I was quite interested to hear the difference between the MP3 and a live setting. And again, I wasn’t disappointing.

I really enjoyed the slightly stripped back version of this song because the harmonies sound even tighter.

It is such a relaxing, yet joyful song that just praises the Lord for accepting those who wish to be in His family.

From Nadine

Introducing: That Festival

July’s Series

Hi Everyone!

Today I want to introduce this months series called, That Festival. As I mentioned last week I have been working on some new features and series for Street Meets Style, hence the absence of blog posts last week.

But I’m back and ready to keep you updated with the new features and series. I have worked out the blogging schedule and will still do my best to share two posts a day with you, but some days I will only post once as I have decided to only post a Song of The Day once a week, especially when it is a themed month. If there is no theme for the month then I will post 4 days a week with a new song.

That Festival is all about preparing for, that festival that you want to go to. I will be sharing health tips, outfit ideas and other fun things as well as some of my favourite live performances from various artists.

Make sure to come back later today to read the first post in this series.

From Nadine

New Features. New Series. New Posts.

A Note From The Editor

Welcome July!

Hi Everyone.

Today is the first of a new month. The first of my favourite month in fact. Summer is here and so is July. Yay!

Yesterday we had out hottest day in England. It was 31 degrees which is mad. I bet it was just trying to make up for all the years we didn’t have a hot summer, but I’m not complaining.

I tried to film a June favourites video but it wasn’t working so I am going to try again today and hopefully have it uploaded some time this week. If not, it will be uploaded next week.

So, because there is no video to welcome in the new month, I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of the new things that you will be seeing here on the blog.

New Features.

Yes there are going to be some new features that you will see weekly and monthly here.

I have been spending the last couple of weeks really thinking about where I want Street Meets Style to go and what I want to talk about as I am growing and changing and learning new things, and I think that it’s about time that Street Meets Style did the same thing and that I share these things that I am learning too.

As you may have noticed, I have a feauture on my blog called, Musician Health & Beauty but I haven’t really been talking about health on Street Meets Style since I added that feature. So either once a week or once a month I will be selecting a topic to do a blog post on that will be geared to musicians.

The other feature that I will be adding is a How To. I like to read how tos myself and do have a few things that I want to share with you. I always like to give something back and this seems the perfect way for me to do that.

I will let you all know in another updates post the schedules of these new features as they are still a work in progress, but will be coming really soon.

New Series

Well along comes Summer bringing in the music festival season! Yes, this new series is going to be all about music festivals. Again I am not sure of the blogging schedule, but just be sure that I will be posting a lot about how to be ready for ‘that festival’.

I want to start having a new series a month. A new theme for each month so that half of my blog posts can be geared towards that topic and the other half can be dedicated to my new features.

In order to make these changes/upgrades work I will be taking Wedensday, Thursday and Friday off from blogging so that I can spend all of my time working on Street Meets Style and making it completely ready for when all the new features and series are going to be launched.

The launch date is Monday 6th July. I will be still using all my social media so make sure to follow me on everything if you haven’t yet so that you can still keep up to date with all my inspirations and personal life.

See you on Monday with lots of new surprises ahead!

Happy 1st July!

Behind The Exhibition: The Studio

Top Floor

Part 2

Hi Everyone.

Today I wanted to share with you the rest of the images from the exhibition last Tuesday.

I had my music video being played in this area so I wanted to take photos before people started arriving of the things that looked interesting or beautiful to me. It also serves as a reminder of the area that always inspired me.

I hope you  enjoy these images.

From Nadine

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