How To: Wear A Dress Differently

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The Dress Top




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Dress/Dorothy Perkins, Shoes/Tesco’s, Chinos/K&Co

If you’ve read my Latitude Festival post then you would have seen this dress already. I decided to try something a little different and style it as a t-shirt/top.

Way 1:

You can loosely roll the dress up and tuck into your trousers, leaving a little hanging loose at the back to create an interesting shape.

Way 2:

You can neatly fold your dress up to create a straight edge and slightly tuck it into your trousers making it look more light a T-shirt.

Way 3:

ou can do what I did and just not care about wrinkling your dress by just tucking it in, still leaving a little out a the back to add more texture and interest.

Way 4:

If your dress is shorter you can take the front and tie it in a knot to make an easy western looking outfit.

The Date’s Been Released!

Release Date

MMU Collection Launch Date

Finally I have come up with the date that I want my store, MMU Collection to open. The date is the 30th of August and I am so excited!

MMU is going to be a limited edition one-off piece kind of store. Everything that is on sale is the only one that exists in the world. Crazy right? I want MMU to embrace people’s individuality in terms of fashion style, so what better way of doing that than having unique items of clothing and art?

Stay updated by following MMU’s social media sites:

Twitter: @mmucollection

Instagram: @mmu.collection


Behind the scenes fun will be shared there until the launch day.

Megan Hess



Megan Hess is probably my favourite fashion illustrator and I just felt the need to share that with you all.

If you love Paris, dresses, soft colours and watercolour paints then Megan has just the print for you.

When I’m looking for inspiration when it comes to decorating my room or dressing up in an elegant yet retro style I look to Megan’s fun illustrations for ideas.

I feel like each woman in her illustrations have their own stories and their own worlds, whether it be an accurate depiction of what ladies are like or if it’s just imaginary, you can’t help but be sucked into the picture and left wondering.

Here are some of my favourite illustrations from Megan Hess. I hope you like them too! Let me know your favourites in the comments.








megan hess tiffany illustration





Guys Do Music Festivals

Guys Do Music Festivals

Forever 21 shirt

Black leather jacket
£185 –

Bellfield chino shorts

Vans sneaker
£48 –

Giorgio Fedon 1919 zipper bag
£275 –

Michael Kors bracelet watch
£175 –

Moschino leather hat

Burberry glasses
£115 –

Burberry fragrance
£57 –