Song of The Day By ABSRDST


Love In The Making

Morning Everyone.

I can’t believe the clocks have gone forward already. Now I’ve lost an hours sleep that I had only just got accustomed to having.

To assist me in this crazy transition each year and just the general flow of life I have been listening to a lot of chilled music.

The song tha I have chosen to keep me calm and relaxed is called ‘Love In The Making’. I came across this song by watching a Youtube video entitled ‘September Favourites 2014‘ by clothesencounters which is  my favourite Youtube channel. I can always guarantee Jenn giving me cool outfit inspiration, new music  and a good laugh, and once again she has done that by reminding me of a cool artist, ABSRDST (Pronounced absurdist).

Here is the song and an extra special video from Jenn Im to go along with the song.


From Nadine

To download this song for free as a gift including the rest of the album, Love In The Making, click here.

Song of The Day By Virtue

The Sky Is The Limit

Morning Everyone.

I am in a really good mood this morning. The sun’s shining and I have so much good mood music to share with you in the coming weeks.

Yesterday I was doing some course work and some of my classmates asked if they could look at my sketchbook that was full to overflowing. One of them said to me that I need to work harder as a joke and ended his sentence saying that the sky was the limit.

I immediateley remembered a quote that I had read a few years ago saying ‘How is the sky the limit when there are footprints on the moon?’.

I really love this saying because it just helps you to think that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

Virtue did a perfect song that I explains this whole saying. What I get from their song is that if you let God lead you, anything is possible, and I really believe it.

To buy Virtue’s album, ‘Testimony’, click here.

My Record Collection Video

I have always wanted to get a record player, so as soon as I saw this white one on Ebay, I just had to get it. I kind of regret it because one of my records can’t be played on there because it needs to be played at a slower speed than the settings on this record player, but I still absolutely love it. Soon I will be getting a Crosley one from Urban Outfitters, so I will be browsing the stores to see if I can find one that I like and share my favourites with you all.

Here are my records. I hope you enjoy it!

From Nadine

Song of The Day By Shy FX Ft. Liam Bailey

Soon Come

Hey Everyone.

Today’s song of the day comes from Shy FX featuring Liam Bailey.

I first heard this song when I was in Prague and for some reason it reminded me of home. It reminded me of my family and my carribean background. It made me dream of something that was yet to come, like I would soon be going back to England to be with my family and one day I will be able to go back to carribean.

Whatever it is that you want or are waiting for, just know that it will soon come. Whether you have to work for it, wait for it, earn it etc. Just know that sometimes you have to patiently wait for things to happen, but we can change the way we wait. We can wait postiviely and in hopeful spirit.

I hope that this song brings some encouragement and happiness,

From Nadine

To buy, ‘Soon Come’, click here.

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