How To: Tidy Up Your Room

My Ridiculous Tidy Up Routine

Hey all. I wanted to show you a peak at my life on one of my chill days, but thought I would share my tidy up routine as well. I don’t go into detail in this video, but I will share what I do here.

  1. I select an area that I want to focus on.
  2. I clean the floor around that area.
  3. I find homes for each item I touch.
  4. If an item doesn’t have a home, I put it into a box or bag with other things that still need to be sorted out.
  5. Once completed I will sweep the floor in that area and select the next area of my room to tidy up either that day or for the next day.
  6. After that I either decide to decorate that area or to organise all the new items.


  1. I like to take loads of breaks while I’m tidying up for a few reasons. 1. I get bored easily. 2. It’s not healthy. 3. The longer you work, the less enthusiastic you will be – causing you to give up all together.
  2. I like to play my favourite music to help keep me going. Dancing always makes me feel better and helps me find new ways to enjoy working and cleaning.

I hope these tips were helpful and that you get your desired room very soon!

From Nadine

Back To School: Essentials

Back To School: Essentials

Moschino jersey dress
£690 – stylebop.com

Boohoo flat top
£10 – boohoo.com

Accessorize wingtip shoes
£43 – accessorize.com

JanSport backpack
£23 – ebags.com

Casetify iphone case
£25 – casetify.com

Pigeon Poodle nautical home decor
£280 – zincdoor.com

Dot Bo magazine file
£15 – dotandbo.com

Floral decor
£50 – wayfair.com


Black and White Interiors


Living In The Grey Areas

Today I wanted to share my favourite bits of monochrome architecture with you all. Because I’m all about that monotone life, why not find places that embrace that 100%?

I have been browsing  some of my favourite interior designers and have been very inspired by their work and have taken some ideas and inspiration for my own living space.

With that said, the images here are all the places that are complete that I wouldn’t mind living:






(Click on the images to go to the link)

The Tools

What’s In My Uni Bag?

Hey all. I decided to do this video as a guide for all those starting their first year of university, like me, or just a general back to school or college tips video.

I debated filming a lookbook video, and I may still do one, but I felt it was important to help guide what to pack instead of showing you what to wear when everyone has their own individual styles.

I hope you enjoy this video and get a few ideas if you’re going back to ‘education’.

From Nadine

How To: Dress 2The9s For Back To School

How To: Dress 2The9s For Back To School

Miss Selfridge white top
£28 – missselfridge.com

Victoria Beckham wool pants
£1,170 – farfetch.com

ASOS high waisted skirt
£44 – asos.com

Miu Miu oxford shoes
£115 – overstock.com

Thick heel sandals
£10 – nastydress.com

Yves Saint Laurent leather duffle bag
£1,330 – farfetch.com

Opening Ceremony round sunglasses
£32 – openingceremony.us