Comfort With H&M

Let The Light In

Open The Window. Let The Light In

Today’s outfit is quite laidback in terms of effort, but still super stylish. I really like chosing pieces that make a statement all on it’s own so that you don’t have to put a lot of thought into how you want to look, you can just focus your efforts on pairing your pieces correctly.

Today I took a little walk around town to buy some snacks for movie time with my Mum. I didn’t think that this outfit would be as comfortable as it was (I wore my Stan Smith trainers). The leather t-shirt soaked in the sunlight keeping me warm and the jeans didn’t rub my skin at all which is some of the problems I get when I buy the wrong type of fabric jeans, but not with this pair. That’s why I trust H&M so much as their pieces are always so perfect and comfortable.

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Shoes: T-shirt And Jeans: H&M

The Little Black Dress (LBD)

Black Dress

Sporty Chic

Hey Everyone.

Today I wanted to share with you an edgy outfit. I say it’s edgy because it’s a little out of my comfort zone. I used to love blending in to the background and matching an elegant dress with elegant shoes, but not today!

I decided to wear my all time favourite crisp white Adidas, Stan Smith’s trainers with this beautiful black bodycon dress. The shoes really stand out because of this otherwise dark pallete which I love because it makes this outfit a statement outfit.

These shoes are my absolute favourite. I wear them almost everyday. I will be honest. The process of wearing them out was pretty grueling, but once done, you feel as if you’re dancing on clouds!

I also love this G21 dress because it can be worn in an elegaqnt style, can be accessorised, or can be dressed down like I am today.

How do you like to wear your LBD’s? Dressed up or down? Let me know in the comments.

Adidas Stan Smiths Sporty ChicDouble Chic LBDStan Smiths Adidas

Dress: Asda / Shoes: Adidas

My Debut Single!


Let’s Go

Morning Everyone.

As promised, here is my blog post explaining this exciting project that I have been working on for the past 11 weeks.

I tried to film a video version for you all, but my computer refused to cooperate.

Anyway, here is the story.

As you know I have been working on my Final Major Project (FMP) at College (which you can read about here, here and here) which is were I get to create y own brief and create what I want. I majored/specialised in fashion so I knew that I would need to create garments for the catwalk show that we usually have at the end of a huge project as well as an exhibition.

Because I want to be within the music industry also, I decided to create a song to go along with my garments.

The theme I chose for my brief was multifunctional, monochrome, unisex garments. This seems like a lot of things to throw in to the mix, but I felt and still do feel like they all complement each other so much.

I did a bit of research on artists by looking at their websites and browsing their virtual stores. In pretty much every online store I went on, you could buy a T-shirt.


For the multifunctional aspect, I continued to research artists but focused on their performances. I liked how some artists actually wore their own merchandise which I thought was a fantastic way to incorporate multi functionality into a garment. Have it for sale on your website for your fans, self-promote by wearing it on stage.

As an artist myself I decided to create a line of t-shirts that I wouldn’t mind wearing on a day to day basis but would love my readers (Street Meets Stylers) or fans of my music to wear.

I also wanted my music and garments to be perfect for both males and females so I began researching t-shirts.

Just by looking at the length of a t-shirt you can see how a guy can wear it and how a women can wear it. T-shirt dresses came to mind so I looked at how I could create one using a boxy, masculine silhouette that would complement all body types.


Shade London

I typically looked at t-shirt dresses that would be perfect for music festivals and decided that that was what I wanted to base my garments around.

I still kept a monochromatic black and white base for my garments in terms of fabrics, but in order to incorporate the festival vibe, I created two extra garments that had a bit of tropical colours to it (blue, green, and pink) which I absolutely loved.

For the single/song that I wanted to create – to play as my clothes go down the catwalk – I wanted it to bring all of my garments together as one and explain my whole project without making it obvious.


I looked at a lot of pictures of Coachella from this years festival and thought a lot about the things that I love and what I could see as I listened to the song that I was creating.

When the song is released, I will share more with you about the inspiration that I got whilst creating the song as I don’t want to spoil it for you all.

So, that’s the story of how I got to this stage.

There are many more surprises that I will be sharing with you all over the coming days so make sure to come back every day so you don’t miss anything.

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Thank you so much for letting me share!

From Nadine

Coming Soon!

Let’s Go

Hey Everyone.

I have something exciting that I want to share with you today. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you would have already seen me hinting at this.

I have been working on a song.

This may  not seem like a huge thing, but it is the second song that I have ever made and I am really excited for you all to hear it when it’s completely finished.

There are a lot of surprises that I will be sharing with you in the coming weeks.

I know that a lot hasn’t made sense in the past blog posts, but everything will be explained this Monday coming (18th), so make sure that you come back on Monday to hear all of the exciting news that I have to share. I am so excited!

From Nadine

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Artist of The Week: KAASI

Top of The List

Morning Everyone.

This week I have been listening to a lot of KAASI. And when I say a lot, I just mean repeating the same songs that I love from him.

If you don’t know how I came across KAASI, you can read the story here. But ever since then, he has been at the top of my favourite artist’s list.

I randomly clicked on his Instagram and read his latest post. There is to be a new EP entitled, Tramuntana.

I quickly headed over to his Soundcloud profile and began listening to the two tracks he had shared.

Now what can I say about these tracks? That they are just food for the ears. I can’t stop listening to them. Even if I listen to a few other songs and then come back to it I still feel the same excitement I felt when I first heard them.

I can’t wait till his EP comes out, but in the meantime, his previous tracks will do just fine.

You can pre-order Tramuntana here.

From Nadine

PS. Don’t forget to come back in a few hours as I have a special surprise to share with you all!