Born To Be A Gooner

Born To Be A Gooner

Evil Twin dress

Tory Burch tote bag

NARS Cosmetics mascara
$28 -

Today I wanted to do a post about football, seeing as the World Cup season is over and I am still in that football mood.
Arsenal has always been my all time favourite team and now that Mesut Özil is there, it’s just got even better!
I am a Gooner!
From Nadine

Maia Bergman


One of my new favourite designers!

Originally posted on Fashion Wonderland:

I know the Central Saint Martin’s BA show was a fair few weeks ago and I’m a little late to be jumping upon the bandwagon now, but when I came across designer Maia Bergman on Style Bubble I knew I had to look more into her work.

Bergman, originally from Argentina, has created a collection around delicate pastel colours but with the central motif being her beading. Looking closely at her collection you can see exquisite pastel coloured combinations of beads trapped between sheer fabric. The trapped beads create a visually mesmerising effect, almost as if they’re floating.

The silhouettes are not daring but the small details, like the slits around the elbow, compliment the beading well. The sheerness of the fabric is mostly covered by beads but little peeks of flesh beneath the sheer fabric create an effect that is not giving too much away, yet reveals just enough…

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Vogue x Muuse Awards


Two of My Favorites

Morning all! This morning I recieved an email sharing a link to and I was quite unsure what it was about until I clicked vote and saw all these interesting images of all these young fashion designers.

I have been a fan of Muuse for about 2 years now (literally the day I first heard about them I was a fan) and they have got so many unique designers selling fantastic stuff there. It was really exciting to know that I would be able to help vote to see a collection in their virtual stores of maybe someone that I voted for.

Here are two of my favourite designers that I voted for:

Andrea Pojezdalova

I voted for Andrea because I loved the structure to her pleats. It looked very official.

Julia Kaleta

I voted for Julia because I felt like that would be something that I would really wear if I were to buy it. And I also love the fabrics used.

You can click on their names to vote for them or just to see the collection.

Thank you for letting me share! From Nadine

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My Personal Style

My Personal Style

How To Feel Amazing

Tips For All The Single Ladies

Hi everyone! This morning I wanted to share a topic that I think is extremely important. How to be happy being single. I hear girls my age say how upset and depressed they feel because they haven’t got that special someone in their lives yet. And to be honest, I hear it all too often.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single. At all! I know that sometimes it can be quite hard, especially when you see those around you all with their partners, celebrating valentines day or going out to dinner on date night each week. But let’s be honest…it’s not that bad, right?

I’m a single girl and I’m still happy. And yes there are days when I feel like I shouldn’t be single, and yes, I am really excited about the whole idea of having someone and then getting married and all that jazz. But the message that I want to leave with you right now is that there is so much that you can do when you’re single that you wouldn’t be able to do if you were in a relationship. There’s no one else in the world that you have to think about but you. Singleness is your chance to really pursue your dreams and make the most of your life.

I’m only 17, so I still have A LOT of time left before I should/need to start thinking about a relationship. So I want to share with you all a few of the things that I have picked up along the way of how to keep yourself happy in your time of singleness.

I say singleness a lot because being alone doesn’t mean that you’re lonely. Happiness should come from you. If you are capable of being completely happy while you’re by yourself, then this will attract your special someone. We shouldn’t have to feel like we need to be in a relationship to be happy, because to be honest…happiness rarely comes that way.

So without further ado, here are some of the things I have learned:

1. Find something you’re good at and that you love to occupy your time.

This point for me is very important. If you have no hobbies at all then it’s the perfect opportunity for you to sit around and throw pity parties with yourself or your friends about not being in a relationship. Although this doesn’t always happen, it sometimes can lead down to that road.

2. Work on self development.

Having low self esteem when your single, can lead you to think that you are not worthy enough to have the best relationship possible. This can make you depressed or just make your days very dreary. You should use this time of singleness for self development, to learn what you really like and don’t like, to experiment with your personal style, to get to know and love yourself so that you can be loved in the future. If you don’t love and respect yourself, then no one can. Self development is an ongoing process, but most of this process starts before you are in a relationship. Have daily affirmations that you say to yourself everyday, like

“I am beautiful”

“I am strong”

“I am confident”

“I deserve to have the best”

Say these in the mirror before you go out of your house. (Remember, these tips are to help you with your confidence, but don’t get vain!)

3. Stop comparing!

And my final tip of the day is to stop comparing yourself to others. If you don’t remember much from this post then this would be what I want you to remember. This is the main tip that will help you to stop feeling  sorry for yourself. If you keep on comparing your relationship status to anothers then you probably will never appreciate yours. Everyone is different and everyone is on a different path. There are no two people the same! So go out there with your head held high because you are beautiful, you are wonderful, fun, capable, confident and you will get that wonderful relationship that you deserve in due time. But for now, love your alone time because remember…it’s just for a short time.

If you have any tips that you would like to share, I would love to hear them!

From Nadine

(Disclaimer: All these tips where from my personal experiences and my thoughts. I am in no way an expert on this area, it’s just something I am passionate about. You don’t have to use these tips at all if you don’t feel comfortable with it or don’t think it works, or don’t think I was right in what I said. I understand that this is not for everyone and that it can be a touchy topic, but I felt that I should share my opinion. Happy reading.)

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