20 Facts About Me


Get To Know Me

Hey Everyone,

Today I wanted to do the 20 Facts About Me. I was tagged on Instagram by my friend and recently posted my 20 Facts on there. But for those who don’t have Instagram, I am doing this blog post for you.

Here are the 20 Facts that I wrote on my Instagram.

  1. I am 18 years old
  2. I have an older brother
  3. I am allergic to cheese and certain metals
  4. I’m a follower of God
  5. I am a fashion blogger
  6. I am a singer/songwriter
  7. I have a violin, guitar, and keyboard
  8. I’m 5ft5
  9. I have a growing collection of cacti and paper flowers
  10. I’m obsessed with mice and wish I had a pet snake
  11. I’m a bookworm
  12. If I was hopeless at everything else, I would have joined the circus and become an aerial artist
  13. Nature walks keep me happy
  14. Perfect destination? Paris
  15. I enjoy spending hours reorganising my room and creating new hairstyles
  16. I’m a film nerd and love vintage and retro. (1930’s,40’s,50’s and 60’s)
  17. I listen to Jazz Big Band, Classical and Indie worship music on the daily
  18. Vegan lasagne is my favourite meal
  19. Apparently my mum and I look like sisters
  20. I’m very quiet, but do enjoy a good laugh

Thank you for reading my fun 20 Facts. I tag you to do the same. Please leave it in the comments below, or if you have a blog, do a post and leave me the link in the comments so that I can read it too! :)

If you want to see more about my daily life, follow me on Instagram at nadeshamilton.

My New Muse: Young & Free By Sucre

“Ready To Sting”

Hi all,

Today I wanted to share with you my latest obsession. If you have been reading my blog from the beginning, you will know that I have been a huge fan of Sucre ever since I found out about  them by reading A Beautiful Mess which is my favorite blog.

I really connected with this song as soon as I heard it. I felt like every word that was said was exactly what I was thinking. I had been struggling to find out what I wanted to do with my life and who I wanted to be when I grew up. This song reminded me that I don’t have to rush myself or do what everyone else tells me that I have to do.

Thank you Stacy, Darren and Jeremy for another great song!

I hope you all enjoy this song as much as me,

From Nadine

Haul: Urban Village Vintage

Just 2 Days Left!

Urban Village Vintage was always one of my favourite stores to go to to stock up on vintage clothing, or just to look around and be inspired by the wonderfully dressed staff and the qwirky interiors.

I’m so sad to say that they will be closing their doors for the last time on August the 30th.

I decided to take a trip their with my Mum, Cousin and Nan to see what sales were on and to look around once more at what was.

Here are the two items I bought. Hopefully I can go again tomorrow to buy some vintage glasses and sunglasses.Urban Village Vintage Urban Village UV UVV

 Have you gone to visit Urban Village Vintage yet? I hope you get the chance to experience it before it goes…

From Nadine

#Shareherstyle: Kiernan Shipka

#Shareherstyle: Kiernan Shipka

ONLY zip sweatshirt
$46 – nelly.com

Floral skirt
$17 – newlook.com

Christian Dior red nail polish

Hey everyone,
This is the second part of the Kiernan Shipka post. You can read the first post here, or simply scroll down.
I have created a new # (hashtag) that can be used on twitter called Shareherstyle or Sharehisstyle. I didn’t like the idea of saying Steal because I’m all about sharing. I hope that you enjoy using it as we share each others style.
From Nadine

A Little ‘Kiki Chic’

Kiernan Shipka

When I was 16, I used to look up to Kiernan Shipka even though she was 13 at the time. I looked up to her because she seemed very perfect in her choice of outfits, and she was strict with the cleanness of her room….which I’m not haha.

I wanted to share a few photos from Scene Magazine of her in beautiful monochrome outfits because they look very timeless and stunning. Then tomorrow, I’m going to show you ladies how to get her look. Stay tuned…

(Click on the images to go to their websites)