My College Wardrobe

My College Wardrobe

Monki long black cardigan
$71 –

Carvela Kurt Geiger imitation handbag
$110 –

Christys brimmed hat
$57 –

A Bit About The Aloe Vera Plant

Plant Series Part 3

Hi Everyone.

I thought that for this Plants At Home Episode I would share a bit of information about the aloe vera plant, seeing as it ties in quite nicely with the post I did yesterday about the aloe based products that I sell at SMS Forever (you can read the post here).

I hope that you find this post informative,

From Nadine

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SMS Competition

Monday Treats

Morning Friends!

Today I have some exciting news for you. I am getting ready for the fun holiday season, preparing fun posts for my blog, and organising fun products in my store.

I decided that I will share 5 videos, 1 each Monday including today showing you all our collections of  our highest quality and carefully-selected ingredients, aloe-inspired products from our seasonal gift guide.

But, that’s not all! Any orders placed online at SMS Forever for one of the collections featured in our aloe-inspired Christmas gift brochure between 14 September – 1 December will automatically be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win £200 worth of products. How fun does that sound?

So every Monday, I will share a new collection from our seasonal brochure. Head over to our store to buy one of the collections to join the competition.

So, today’s gift guide is for the ladies in your life. This video above shows some of our favourite products that you can buy your lovely lady, or friends.

This women’s collection is called Playful. We all want to look our best during the party season and the secret to rosy, glowing, party-ready complexion is good quality skincare. Buy the makeup and skincare range here or click on the store page above.

Good luck!

From Nadine

My New Muse: Fall Down By Rivers And Robots

All Things New cover art

An Alternative Sound

Morning Friends,

This week I have been listening to this album everyday. I bought it a few weeks ago, but didn’t really get the time to listen to anything that was on there until last Sunday. I really regret not taking the time to listen to it because I really did miss out on all the beauty that is packed into this one CD.

Rivers & Robots are one of my favourite Indie/Worship/Alternative bands. Their sound is so unique and natural. It’s so calming listening to the kind words they sing with the natural tones surrounding the lyrics.

This particular song, Fall Down grabbed me straight away. It has a beautiful progression to it which complement the words.

You can listen to Fall Down and/or buy the album by clicking here.

I hope you will support them if you like the song.

Also you can follow them on their website: to get the latest news.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and have a great weekend!

From Nadine

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4TT: Settling Into Uni

4 Tips For Coping And Enjoying

Morning everyone,

I realise that a lot of people have started Uni and a lot have gone back to College, so I thought that this would be a good topic for me to talk about, especially for 4 Thing Thursday (which is where I share 4 things or 4 different posts about a certain topic of the days choice. Read last weeks post here.)

So here are my 4 Tips for Uni goers:
1. First and foremost, it is vital that you get yourself organised.

Buy notebooks, a planner, a hang up calender, all the stationary you may need, and maybe 1 or 2 books from your reading list. It is important that you have somewhere where you can record when you have deadlines, trips, etc.

Divide your calender into Social, Personal, Work, so that way you always know what you’re supposed to be doing and when.

This at first may seem like a long and pointless task, but if you get it done within the first or second week of Uni, you won’t have to do it later when everything piles up and you will be ahead of the game because you never have to wonder what you’re going to do next and you will never double book yourself.

Something to think about is buying all your books at once. Sometimes this is not a good idea because you still have to manage your finances. When you are given a reading list, it’s usually the case that you don’t have to read every book on there. So if you were quite hasty splashing your money on 10 books, then you could have a problem if you only needed 5.

Some former students sell their books on Ebay which you can buy. This is helpful because they usually have all their notes in there which will benefit you greatly through your first year.

2. Make your dorm room as cosy as possible.

It’s always difficult to leave home and most people get really upset when they realise that they are really alone. It may be hard to feel you’re families supporting you miles away. Two ways to feel better about this situation is to

1. Socialise. Make friends. Almost every 1st year is feeling exactly the same. Everyone is in the same boat. Try leaving your door open every now and then so that your dorm mates can pop their heads round and say hi.

2. Give your dorm a makeover. Put up family photos, make it feel like home. My tip is to make your dorm look a bit like your bedroom at home so that it’s like you’re bringing that comfort along with you. Until you feel any better which could be 2 weeks, a month, however long, then you can redecorate again.

3. Explore!

Explore your campus, explore the town or city you’re in, take advantage of the museums, galleries, libraries etc. (Depending on what you’re studying.) If you know where everything is, you will be more productive and feel more confident because that helpless feeling will go.

4. Have a meal plan

This is one of the biggest things that students have to think about. But, it is possible to eat healthily as a student. It might take more thought, but it can be done.

Here is a great website to get ideas from The Uni Pod. I might even share some reasonable priced meals on SMS.


I hope that these tips were helpful and make your Uni experience that bit better. Uni is a time of growth, and definitely fun, not forgetting hard work. But I believe in you and you are going to do so well!

From Nadine

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