My New Muse: So They Say It’s Christmas By The Brian Setzer Orchestra

Morning Everyone!

Brian Setzer is one of my favourite artists ever. I love almost every song that he’s done with his orchestra.

Today I wanted to share with you the first ever orchestra song that I heard from him. I fell in love with it instantly as it also brings that Christmasy vibe as well as that good old swing.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Have a happy weekend!

From Nadine

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4TT: Your Favourites

Blog Posts

Morning Everyone,

I couldn’t quite think of what to post about today so I chose this subject, but I would love it if you could comment below or send me a tweet @streetmeetsstyl and let me know what subjects you would like me to write about for 4 Thing Thursday.

Here are your favourite blog posts:

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My Interview With Elle-May Leckenby


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Have You Got Yours Yet?

44 Days

Clothes Show Live

Morning friends!

I am so excited about the NEC Clothes Show. For about 3 years in a row I have wanted to go and have never got to go, but this year I planned it all out. I asked my mum to come with me from the beginning of the year, so when it came time to getting tickets, she had remembered that I already asked her.

Now we have our tickets and I am so excited to finally say that I will be going.

I can’t wait to see thee clothes, so a bit of shopping, and meet some of you guys if you’re coming.

It’s going to be great!

I hope that you’re there…

From Nadine

Get your tickets here:

My Interview With Elle-May Leckenby

My Favourite Aussie!

Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you my absolute favourite interview I have done in a long while with the beautiful 20 yr old, Elle-May Leckenby. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you should be familiar with Elle as I can’t stop blogging about her (Read previous Elle-May blog posts here and here). She is just so inspiring and really friendly.

Here is an interview that I did with her which I am very excited about as I have always wanted to do an interview with her, but just never thought about asking her until now **sigh**.

Nadine: What is a normal blogging day like for you?

Elle-May: I usually wake up have breakfast maybe go for a bike ride of beach walk. Then I will come home and piece some outfits together photograph in the afternoon light and edit into the night :)

N: I have been reading your blog for a long time and I never tire of your blogs. How do you stay motivated and inspired to keep doing what you do?
E: Thank you!! I guess I try to involve most of my life into my blog. So when I am inspired I will have to act on it immediately, for me this helps me try to keep my life interesting too :)
N: How did you get into photography and fashion?
E: I started being in love with a few flickr pages. When I was younger, I would get inspired from these photographers on flickr and with my (really dodgy) camera, I would go out and take self portraits in my backyard on timer or with my sisters. haha. This helped me learn a lot about photography and editing. I was introduced to by my sister when I was around 16, then I merged my style with my new found love of photography and got addicted I guess! Ever since I have just been continuing on learning!
N: I saw your beautiful clothing collection on your site. Is fashion design something that you want to continue with?
E: I think I would love to one day, create something of my own. Completely put my style into something and put it out there!
N: Who are your favourite designers and photographers?
E: Hm, I don’t actually have set favourite ones. I really love a lot of things. I am always introduced to new things that I have spurts of inspiration from but I can’t actually pinpoint one or two!!
N: Who takes the pictures for your outfit posts, and what camera do they or you use?
E: Most of them I take on my own, with a tripod! Sometimes my mother helps me too! Or my sister or good friend when we travel together :) The camera I use is a Nikon D800 with 50mm lens.
N: A lot of readers may be asking, when are you going to do a home tour for us :)?
E: Ahh I have to soon! I have always wanted to but just haven’t set aside the time, I will very soon, I have to. I love interior :)
N: Lastly, what tips can you give an aspiring blogger and photographer?
E: Just make sure to be open to inspiration all the time. I think persistence is key, and always make good playlists to inspire you!! haha xxx
Thank you so much Elle-May for agreeing to do this interview.
You can follow Elle-May on:
Her Instagram: @ellemayleckenby
(Click on the images to go to the link)

SMS Competition Part 5


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Good Luck,

From Nadine

Ps. This is the 5th and final video from the fun competition that SMS Forever are holding, but don’t worry! I will be sharing these videos again in the coming weeks just as a reminder. I don’t want anyone to miss out :)